How to convince your wife.

In cycling there is one thing that is harder than a 60 min FTP test… Convincing your Wife/Girlfriend so you can buy a new bike, wheels or just something small like a fancy bolt kit for your derailleurs. We have a few ideas on how to convince your wife… Or you can just skip the convincing part.

1. Try to convince her.

It’s worth a try. Maybe your Wife thinks you deserve it. So she will be more than happy for you to buy something new for your bike. BUT when going to do the convincing. Maybe take flowers or something she likes with you, just not something hard. That might be heading your way FAST

2. It was a gift.

We wont suggest this if its a new bike. Who gets a bike as a gift right? If it’s something small then this will be the card to play. Just make sure when you say “you got it from a friend”. Phone that friend and tell him what you’re up to. You don’t want your wife finding out you’ve lied and bought something new for your bike. That will be a double whammy of trouble

3. Just don’t say anything

Some of our Wives won’t notice when you’ve put something new on your bike. Don’t make it to obvious and buy something that stands out. Then you will quickly find your self heading back to point 2. It was a gift. Black on Black parts always works best. or something small like a head unit or Heart Rate Monitor

4. Hide it. 

I am pretty sure if you google. “How to convince your husband for you to buy new shoes” this will be one of the points. Hide it. I dare you to go open your wife’s shoe drawer You will be surprised to see a new pair there with the Edgars Tag on. So here is how you can go about it. Buy your part. Hide it for about 2 months. And just rock up with it the one day. if you get into trouble. Just remember this. Walk to her shoe drawer and hope and pray you find a new pair of shoes there that she’s been hiding the argument might just stop there and then.

5. Sell your old parts.

This will go hand in hand with point 1. However this normaly works. Tell her you’re selling your old part to buy a new one. She will most probably think that you’re not spending more than you should on your bike. If she ask’s the price. Give her the price you are selling your old part for…

6. NEVER tell her the correct price.

Believe me. NEVER tell her the correct price of that part. It might save a heart attack or even your relationship. Cycling equipment is expensive. But I’ve learned by now. Take the price. Divide it by 2. minus the VAT and Minus the import duties that’s your price. And get rid of the invoice. ask the cashiers to email it to you and don’t even think of taking that invoice home.

Let us know if you have any tricks on getting past your wife when buying new equipment.

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