947 Cycle Challenge

947… The biggest race on the cycling calendar. Training months to be your best on the day. And this is how my race went

I jumped off with the elite bunch representing my team (Team Formacon) as i was the the climber of the team it was my job to help our sprinter and overall rider over the climbs making sure they don’t end up in a sticky situation. Well that was the plan…

As we left mnandi road the attacks started. one after the other. and just when you think its time to relax then another attack launches and your are above FTP again. Unfortunately my one team mate broke his derailleur in the first 10k. so he was out. Just me and the sprinter now.

As we got on the highway the pace picked up. But i mean PICKED UP. It felt like a sprint for 10km i literally hanged on for dear life. As we got off the highway things where pretty relaxed meaning still averaging 42kmph but i saw guys dropping like flies which was odd as we did not go that hard. Then the pace picked up again. As i looked up we where behind a dead wheel and the bunch is about 500m infront of us. Man o man was i devastated. But about 5 of us worked together to catch the bunch and we caught them about 5km down the road. Unfortunately it was just me left as our sprinter dropped in the chase.

As we entered stein City i unfortunately got dropped. The pace was just to fast on the downhill and i was scared as hell. The downhill proved to scary for me as we hit 70-80kmph down with all the cobbles. And whilst dropping from the group going around a cobbled circle my back tire slid and well… at 65kmph… i can only remember hitting the ground like a pebble on the water and i ended up against a big board with my bike on the other side of the road about 20m from me. I tried to run to get my bike to get back in the race but the paramedic stopped me to have a look if i was ok. As i knew my race was over i still wanted to finish the race in under 2h:25m

That was a super hard last 10km up the 3 big climbs. But with a busted body and bike i still managed to finish the race in 2h 24m which was my PB on the route. So i was happy with the end result. But just a note. Riding Elite is really putting your body and life on the line for a position

An Image of my crash on strava

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