It’s that time of the year where it’s time to say thank you to our dad for bringing us into the world and for taking such good care of us. 

We have compiled 5 products to give your dad to show your appreciation.

1. Socks

Everybody loves socks, and we are 100% sure your Dad will to. Get him some socks to add to his sock doping collection

Out of stock

2. Handlebar Tape

If your dad is like mine he would use something for 10 years and it was supposed to be changed on 2 years. So maybe spoil him with some new handlebar tape or Grips

31 left in stock
18 left in stock
Only 2 left in stock!
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45 left in stock
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6 left in stock

3. Tyres

Just like the handlebar tape, this needs changing every now and then, and you might save him a few days stuck next to the road with punctures. 

8 left in stock
3 left in stock
27 left in stock
3 left in stock
Only 1 left in stock!

4. Bearings

You can save your dad alot of effort by replacing those old bearings on his wheels. 

5 left in stock
5 left in stock
5 left in stock
15 left in stock
R100.00 R39.00
Only R1 108 / month
Only 2 left in stock!
R 1 437 x 24 months
R28,999.00 R23,999.00
Only 2 left in stock!

5. Be There.

It should be number 1 on the list. But try your best to be with your dad on this day. There is no better gift than being with him and spending some quality time together

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