Winter Commuting: How to Survive

With winter in full swing and temperatures dropping each morning. It’s hard to keep commuting during this part of the year. Where most cyclists take this time to rest. You are up every morning on your bike braving the cold. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your commuting a bit easier and maybe make you a bit warmer during your morning rides. 

1. Your Feet

I don’t know about you but my feet in the morning freezes. I feels like you are training with someone else’s feet. 10km into the ride there is no feeling in my feet. I found this little trick to help you if you have cold feet, This might also help if you have winter feet. So take Glad Wrap OR and Sandwich bag. Wrap in around your feet and then put on your sock. Believe me your cold feet will be history. Also if your shoes has air vents at the bottom. Take some Glad Wrap and Wrap that around your inner sole. This will also prevent cold air to enter your shoes.   

2. Your Body

Layer up. Your upper body doesn’t move that much during your ride. So here you need to make sure you have a base layer and a nice winter specific jacket to keep you warm. However, When doing your jacket shopping. DON’T go for European standard jackets. They are too warm and you will end up overheating as we don’t get -10 Degrees Celsius here… Except if you live in Standerton… THEN a European Standard Jacket is a MUST…

However something that will help is choose a route with a lot of hills, Your Heart Rate will climb and you will warm up pretty quick.  

3. Your Hands

This one took me 2 years of winter suffering to solve this. Normal long fingered gloves won’t do. I have tried a few brands and 20km down the road i find my Di2 being changing to a fixie. No not because of my battery. My fingers can’t move to press the shiftier button. So maybe you have gloves that works for you, But i found Motorbike gloves works best for me. you can buy a pair for R500. And since i bought them i never had a issue again, Yes they are bulky but you’ll get used to it. 

4. Your Bike

There is a saying “Prevention is better than Cure” Same with your bike. Take care of it and it will take care of you. So make sure you wash you bike regularly and lube your chain. Also check your tires before you ride for thorns or glass. 

5. Your Tyres

I have put this one separate as this will make all the other points useless. Try changing a tube when your hands are cold… I use the Tufo tyres, Not only because they are great puncture protection tyres. But because they don’t have any tubes inside the tubular clinchers. I can put sealant in and i don’t have to worry about punctures. The punctures i do get gets sealed immediately without me having to stop.   

If you have any tips or tricks that might help. Please leave a comment down below. We would love to hear your tips and tricks

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