2019 Maluti Double 90 Cycle Race Essentials

The 2019 Maluti Double 90 team time-trial cycle race celebrates its fourth year this year, and boy are we looking forward to participating!

This proudly South African race is not for the unfit or the faint-hearted. The route starts off deceptively gently, with mild undulating hills from Clarens towards Bethlehem – until riders hit the short, steep climbs and screeching descents of the Golden Gate National Park. With such a demanding and scenic route in-store, we’ve put together a list of can’t-do-withouts for you ahead of race day:

  1. Race Day Nutrition

    When it comes to fueling for training and racing there are many different options available, but our all-time favourite has to be SA’s most favoured performance nutrition – PowerBar bars and gels, designed to keep you going when you need them most!

    These premium endurance nutrition products help you sustain your energy levels in all conditions, and coupled with no-fuss packaging and tasty flavours, make the perfect snack in the middle of a race. Get your fill of PowerBar bars and gels right here! And don’t hesitate to contact us should you like some product selection advice.

  2. SUPACAZ Fly Cage Bottle Cages

    SUPACAZ Fly Cages are absolute masterpieces, screaming style across the finish line. Clean lines and laser etched design make these bottle cages really stand out and ensure your bottle never goes missing when flying down those steep hills or around sharp bends. Keep your bottle secured in the very best cage when you make this bottle cage your next purchase!

  3. TreeFrog Bike Carrier

    What fits in your overnight bag and sticks to your roof, transporting your bike safely wherever you go? A TreeFrog Bike Carriers! Ensure your trip down to Clarens for the 2019 Maluti Double 90 race is as hassle-free as possible with this unique vacuum mounted bike rack. No tow bar, no roof rack and no tools required.

    Any bike, any car, any time. Shop here!

Now that you’re all prepped for the weekend ahead, we’ll see you in Clarens. Race you to the finish line!

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