Refer your friends, family and everyone else you know to TOKEN Cycling, and when they make a purchase you earn credits to spend at our online store. It’s that simple!

Introducing the TOKEN Cycling “Affiliate Programme”, where you earn a reward of 10% of the value of each and every purchase made by one of your referrals from the TOKEN cycling website.

When you join the TOKEN Cycling Affiliate Programme, you will be have access to an Affiliate Dashboard. Here you can generate your shareable links, which are links you can send to or share with your “referrals”. Any purchase that is then made and is traced back to originating from your unique shareable link will trigger an automated credit to your TOKEN Cycling account to the value of 10% of the total purchase value.

You will also be able to track sales and clicks yourself using the Affiliate Dashboard. When a user clicks on one of your shareable links, they will be brought to our website ( and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software.


  • We’ll pay your commission in a voucher (That will be provided when you sign up) when your visitor completes a sale
  • Earning can start earning from day one


The base commission will be 10% for an Successful order. That means you will earn 10% of the entire basket of the person you refered

  • 10% of sale total

For example: Lets say you refer 10 visitors, and those 10 visitors place and order (with lets say R1000 average per order) that’s over R1000 in commissions. All of which are paid into your Gift card that will be sent to you upon signing up.

How to start?

Step 1.

Register on the Affiliate Dashboard Tab.

Fill in all your information and click register. We will then Approve your profile and you will get access to an Affiliate dashboard

Step 2.

Log into your profile after you receive a mail

After your registration you will receive a Confirmation Email from us confirming that you are active.

Step 3.

Brows through the website and start sharing

Brows the website and find the product or Page you want to share. Copy the URL and head back to your dashboard. Copy the link in the Link Generator and copy the generated link. Paste this link on your social media or wherever you want it to be shared.

Terms and Conditions

  • The order placed must have a successful payment.
  • The Commission will only be paid once the item has shipped off.
  • You will be supplied with a unique voucher code when you sign up. All your Commissions will be paid into the voucher
  • The Voucher can only be used on and not refundable for Cash.
  • Generated links will last for 1 month (30 Days) After the link expires it will be up to you to regenerate the link and share it again.
  • If your visitor places a Successful order and Cancels the order before we have shipped of the product, Your Commission will not be paid.