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TOKEN 11T Alloy Jockey Wheels with Tiramic Bearings – Black


TOKEN 11T Alloy Jockey Wheels with Tiramic Bearings

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TOKEN EC40A Resolute Alloy Wheelset


The TOKEN EC40A Resolute Alloy Wheelset is a durable, no-nonsense, affordable alloy wheelset with a premium look and feel alongside the Premium Bearings giving it a longer lifespan

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TOKEN C45R Resolute Wheelset (Pre-Order)


*Expected arrival date at our offices is 01/06/2018*

The TOKEN C45R Resolute Wheelset is a competitively priced and weighted carbon race wheelset that delivers on both performance and style. Built using our new CONTI-FIBER structure and equipped with shop-friendly J-bend aero spokes this is a durable, all-round race wheel.

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TOKEN Shark Tail Seatpost Clamp


If you often need to adjust your seat then you’ll appreciate the TOKEN Shark Tail Seatpost Clamp’s high clamping force and ergonomic design. By using forged aluminium, we are able to make the Shark Tail both strong and light.

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TOKEN Ultralite Seatpost Clamp

We got a little carried away with the CNC machine when we designed the Ultralite seatpost clamp. We machined away as much material as we could but still made it strong enough to support the weight of big riders

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SUPACAZ Grizips (Neon Yellow and Neon Red Splash)


Superior hand feel that you need to feel to believe. Winner of world cups, Cape Epics, and stages of La Ruta de Conquistadores. Acclaimed by the industry leading MTB magazine:

“We never had any slippage during our testing…Supacaz’s compound proved to be tacky and soft…These grips offered enough damping to get away with wearing thin gloves or no gloves at all….We did not see any wear issues after 1 month.”

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SUPACAZ Star Plugz (Chrome)


The premier bar plugs in the pro peloton scream style. Color match or contrast to get your ideal look. Supacaz laser etched aluminum bar plugs are available in powder coated and anodized colors.

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